Winter Light on a Snowy Road
Pastel on Paper

Heidi Marshall periodically offers pastel workshops as described below. Please check back for future dates.

Plein Air Workshops
Join Heidi Marshall for a two-day Plein Air Workshop that guides students through a disciplined but enjoyable process to create outdoor paintings! Heidi is an award-winning plein air artist who recently had a one-woman show at the University of Michigan. In this workshop, Heidi Marshall will do several demos and make a point of teaching value, process and technique. Painting “en plein air” is a French expression that literally translates into “painting in the open air.” It is an exhilarating and essential practice in learning to paint the landscape. A regular practice of outdoor painting provides countless benefits:

  • More accurate understanding and appreciation of value and color; light reads true.

  • A disciplined approach to accurate painting in a shorter timeframe.

  • A study of light in diverse situations.

  • Simplification of painting process that makes for strong and dynamic paintings.

  • A collaboration between artist and nature; an interchange that stimulates expression. Rather than being a strict imitation of nature, we will talk about a melding of the interior and exterior landscape.